Thursday, January 23, 2014

Working on my Dissertation

I was going to post the first part of my analysis of "The King and the Slave Girl" about a week ago. Then I found out that I needed to get three chapters of my dissertation completed and handed into my thesis committee in the next few days and so I haven't been able to work on that post yet.  But as soon as I finish up these three chapters I will begin publishing my posts again on a more regular bi-weekly basis.  Thanks for reading and bearing with me as I finish up the last few months of my studies!  And keep reading the Masnavi!  The more you read the more it will speak with you.  See you in a few days (or a week?)!


  1. Dear Jibrail,

    Thank you for your wonderful insight on the beautiful Masnavi. You have lived up too your name and have revealed the beautiful messages of the Masnavi as the angle Jibrail would reveal obligations/messages of God to the prophets. I hope that your dissertation is going well and that you were able to complete it with high praise. Please if you have time continue with your insight on the Masnavi. Once again thank you and may you attain oneness with the beloved.

    Best Regard,

  2. Jibrail,

    I do hope you've completed your dissertation by now! Would still love to read your analysis of "The King and the Slave Girl" :-)